The Barnyard Boys - Swami


After the death of Magus, some of us started digging around the ranch during house cleaning. Amidst the chaos of dusty boxes and strange, we found a treasure trove of family reels stashed away in the famed Glorphous vault. A storage facility where many mysterious items, jewels, musical artifacts and such are stored. Potions, sheet music, petrified animals and sea stars. Letters from the old world.

This feature film warrants repeated viewings due to how easily ‘persuasion’ can get lost in translation. As with the music, surrender yourselves to the details. Worlds within worlds teasing with false promise. Every frame holds a new secret, waiting to be unlocked.

Powder ceremonies, wild dancing, desire…
We thirst to graze upon the watchful eye of Nester Swami.

Footage culled from unlabeled 8mm tapes in the family vault.

From the Barnyard Boys second album “A Pond Return” available early 2014.

Post Fertility Festival celebrations, commemorating the gift of music and contributions made by Grand Magus and the Flowers.

Photo from the Louie Dejesus archives

Dejesus returns! Back from Damascus, one night only!

The Barnyard Boys and the Budos Band: live @ Full Cup, Staten Island, NY. Friday, December 14th. The love of man…


Digital Release of the First Barnyard Boys album has arrived!

Blessings from Magus
Now you can share in the love of the ages. These memorable hymns are here for all to enjoy. Click on the link to preview the hits and purchase the album in your prefered format.


The Gramercy Theatre performace is Sold Out. Tix for The Mercury Lounge are available here:

The Boys are making their way up to the Big Apple for two special performances. Don’t miss this chance to experience the magic.
August 25th - Gramercy Theatre
August 28th - The Mercury Lounge

I Got Bird

An old photo of Louie Dejesus, wife Maria, community patron Sexy Regina and unidentified child. Taken on the ranch.